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  1. Chelseagoalsx

    Request for Chelsea v. Arsenal Retro game

    Hello, wanna request for Chelsea v. Arsenal game season’s 2006/07 in a hd quality, Martin Tyler’a commentary. Anyone have it?
  2. Chelseagoalsx

    Request for Chelsea matches 2014-15 via SkySports HD

    Hello everyone! Any Chelsea game during the season 2014/15 season that we could exchange ? pm me 😁
  3. Chelseagoalsx

    [Request] Leverkusen 2-1 Chelsea Ucl Group stages 2011/12

    anyone has it on sky germany or on itv ?
  4. Chelseagoalsx

    All Chelsea Fa cups games 2011/12 season

    anyone have games (rounds, semi final, final) ?
  5. Chelseagoalsx

    [Request] for Southampton 1-1 Chelsea Epl 2014/15

    hello. anyone have this? not sure if that game was recorded on sky uk
  6. Chelseagoalsx

    [Request] for Chelsea vs Juventus Ucl 2008/09 both legs

    anyone have these ? first leg was covered by Sky uk second leg i think was a retro
  7. Chelseagoalsx

    Chelsea 2-0 Arsenal EPL 2010/11 Sky Uk

    hello everyone, if you’re interested in this hmu. sell or trade
  8. Chelseagoalsx

    [Request] Man United 1-1 Chelsea EPL 2014/15 Sky Sports HD

    hello. anyone have this ?
  9. Chelseagoalsx

    [Request] for Arsenal 0-2 Chelsea League Cup 2013/14 Sky UK HD

    hello. anyone have this ? willing to trade
  10. Chelseagoalsx

    [Request] for Sunderland 3-4 Chelsea EPL 2013/14 on Sky Uk

    Anyone have this ?
  11. Chelseagoalsx

    [Request] for Chelsea 5-2 Leicester City 2011-12 Fa Cup on ESPN HD.

    hi. anyone have this?
  12. Chelseagoalsx


    anyone knows how to convert .ts files to mp4 ?
  13. Chelseagoalsx

    [Request] for Chelsea 2-0 Arsenal EPL 14/15 Sky Uk

    Does anyone have this ??
  14. Chelseagoalsx

    {Request} for Chelsea vs CFR Cluj 2008/09 UCL on Itv Hd

    Anyone Have this ?
  15. Chelseagoalsx

    {REQUEST} For Newcastle vs Chelsea Carliing Cup 2006/07

    Anyone have this game?
  16. Chelseagoalsx

    Request for Chelsea vs Top 6 EPL season 14/15

    anyone ? needed on sky uk
  17. Chelseagoalsx

    Chelsea vs Juventus UCL 2008-09 on Sky UK

    anyone have this the first leg?
  18. Chelseagoalsx

    [Request] for Chelsea vs Valencia UCL 2011/12 Group Stages on Sky

    Anyone have this ? ?
  19. Chelseagoalsx

    Request for these matches

    Looking for : Chelsea vs Newcastle 2012/13 Sky Uk Stoke vs Chelsea 2012/13 Sky Uk Man United vs Chelsea 2012/13 Sky Uk Pm if you have one of these ??